Your Information

Your medical record is a lifelong history of your consultations, illnesses, investigations, prescriptions and other treatments.

Your GP is responsible for the accuracy and safekeeping of your medical record,  whether it is a paper or computer held record. You can help to keep this information accurate by informing your GP of any change in your name, address, telephone number or marital status, and by ensuring your GP is informed about any changes in your health, or treatment that you receive.

If you move to another area or change GP, your GP will send your medical records to the Primary Care Support Services, Roehampton to be passed on to your new practice. However a copy of all computer entries made onto your record during the time you were registered will be retained by the practice.If you are under 16 years of age, you have rights to confidentiality where it is appropriate for your needs.
See the Information Charter Leaflet for more detail.