We are working hard to keep everyone safe with COVID 19 in mind. To do this we have the following measures in place:

  1. All patients are asked to wear face coverings when inside the surgery, unless they are exempt
  2. All patients are asked to use hand sanitiser upon entering the practice, hand washing facilities are available in the bathrooms for patients who are unable to use sanitiser due to allergies
  3. The check in screen in reception is no longer in use to avoid cross contamination
  4. Staff are wearing face masks in all public areas
  5. There is a deep clean taking place every evening and opportunistically throughout the day (Clinicians are wiping down surfaces and chairs in between seeing patients)
  6. Care Navigators will be screening patients as they enter the building to ensure they do not have symptoms/ have not been in contact with a confirmed case and do not have a household member with symptoms of Covid-19
  7. We are arranging face to face appointments in the best way possible to minimise the number of patients in the surgery at any one time.
  8. When you call for an appointment our Care Navigators will ask you for information to determine which health care professional you need to speak to, this is to ensure appointments are directed to the correct person as soon as is possible
  9. We are taking a “triage first approach” with GP appointments. This means you will be given a telephone appointment with a GP who will do what they can via telephone and only bring patients in where a face to face appointment is needed. This is really important to minimise numbers of patients within the surgery at any one time so that we can observe social distancing as much as possible.
  10. We have an allocated “hot” area in the surgery. Where someone with symptoms or someone who we think may have an infection, who does need to see a GP urgently. They are told to meet the GP at our back entrance and taken straight into our designated isolation room. This is located next to our back entrance. These patient will not come into contact with other patients in our surgery.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to email us on swlccg.adminbalhamparksurgery@nhs.net

Or, you can email the following people directly:

Our Infection Control Lead is Alex Gawlik-Lapinski email our admin account with the subject “FAO Alex Gawlik-Lipinski”

Our Managing Partner is Natalie Whyte: n.whyte1@nhs.net