Register with Balham surgery

Please first check that you are living inside our catchment area: Catchment Area. We do not accept new registrations for patients living outside of our area.

You will then need to complete the following forms: GMS1 Registration Form and Balham Park Surgeries Registration Form for Adults/ Balham Park Surgery Registration Form for Children 

Send the completed forms either via email to, post them to us or drop them into the surgery.

Please ensure they are completed in full and the information you provide is accurate.

After completing the registration process your details will be added to our system within 5 working days. You will receive an email from us when your details have been put on our system.

IMPORTANT: We are unable to book you an appointment until your details are on our system. If you need to see a GP sooner, please call us once you have sent the forms back. Please note that once you are registered at Balham Park Surgery, you will be de-registered from your old practice and they will send your records here; so please let us know as soon as possible if you change your mind.

To register as a temporary patient: 

You can register as a temporary patient if you are only in the area temporarily. You will be active on our system for 12 weeks and this will not remove you from your current GP practice.

You will need to complete the GMS3 form and send the completed forms either via email to post them to us or drop them into the surgery.